Violinist Darragh Morgan and pianist Mary Dullea go to work on this intriguing material with panache. The work is beautifully performed and spaciously recorded, Morgan’s eloquent tone giving subtle nuances to the simplest of details, and the players shape Whitty’s mix of fragmentary phrases and mechanistic gestures with the care of uncovering precious artefacts millimetre by millimetre. Glimmers of Franck’s original surface in this delicately put together and intricate set of movements, but Morgan and Dullea capture the sorrow at its heart, of something always hiding beneath the surface, forever just out of reach.’
The Strad

In Absentia – Music for Strings
Fozié Majd and Amir Mahyar Tafreshipour
Featuring: Darragh Morgan, Deirdre Cooper,
Fiona Winning, Patrick Savage.

Divine Art Records

  In Absentia Darragh Morgan

For Violin and Electronics
Darragh Morgan

Diatribe Records

  Darragh Morgan For Violin + Electronics

Mississippi Hornpipes: Music for Violin and Piano
Michael Finnissy
Darragh Morgan – violin and Mary Dullea – piano.


Gramophone Magazine Critics Choice 2015

  Mississippi Hornpipes Michael Finnissy

Persian Echoes
Amir Tafreshipour
Darragh Morgan – Conductor


  Persian Echoes Amir Tafreshipour

New Music::New Ireland Two

Contemporary Music Centre Ireland

  New Music New Ireland 2

Amir Mayhar Tafreshipour
Chamber Music with Mary Dullea piano,
Zoe Martlew – cello, Manon Morris – harp

Hermes Records


  Pendar Amir Mayhar Tafreshipour

Tansy Davies

NMC Recordings

  Tansy Davies Spine

Songs, Chimes & Dances
Rob Keeley

NMC Recordings

  Rob Keeley Songs, Chimes and Dances

Adrian Moore

empreintes DIGITALes


Music for Piano and Strings
Morton Feldman

Matchless Recordings

  Music for Piano and Strings

New works for violin and piano

NMC Recordings

  Darragh Morgan Opera

Elastic Harmonic
Donnacha Dennehy

NMC Recordings

  Darragh Morgan Elastic Harmonic

Thirty-Nine Pages
Paul Whitty


  Darragh Morgan Thirty-Nine Pages Paul Whitty

Simon Mawhinney

Altarus Records

  Darragh Morgan Simon Mawhinney (b.1976)

Frank Lyons

Contemporary Music Centre Ireland

  Darragh Morgan Rush Frank Lyons

Contemporary Music from Ireland
Volume 6

Contemporary Music Centre Ireland

  Darragh Morgan CMfI Vol.6

Old Stones New Tales
Richard Douglas Pennant

Cegin Productions

  Darragh Morgan Old Stones New Tales

Boogie Nights
Joe Cutler

NMC recordings

  Darragh Morgan Boogie Nights Joe Cutler
 Fidelio Trio

Fauré, Chausson & Satie: Piano Trios

Resonus Classics

  Fidelio Trio Fauré, Chausson & Satie

In the Middle of Things:
Chamber Music by Michael Zev Gordon


Resonus Classics

  Fidelio Trio In The Middle of Things Michael Zev Gordon

Philip Glass
World Premiere Recording

Orange Mountain Music

  Fidelio Trio Philip Glass Pendulum

Dance Maze
Chamber Music by Tom Armstrong

Resonus Classics

  Fidelio Trio Dance Maze chamber music thomas armstrong

Joe Cutler
McNulty (Fidelio Trio commission)

NMC recordings

  Fidelio Trio Joe Cutler McNulty

Head On
Philip Glass (1967)
World Premiere Recording

Orange Mountain Music

  Fidelio Trio Philip Glass Head On

A Different Game
Piano Trios by Rhona Clarke
MSV 28561

Divine Art Records

  Fidelio Trio A Different Game

Dancing in Daylight
Contemporary Piano Trios from Ireland

Divine Art Records

  Fidelio Trio Dancing in Daylight

Korngold Piano Trio Op.1
Schöenberg Verklarte Nacht (arr. Steuermann)
Naxos 8.572758

NMC Recordings

  Fidelio Trio Korngold Piano Trio Op.1

Flux new music – new dance
Airs No Oceans Keep by Mark Bowden
NMC D232

NMC Recordings

  Fidelio Trio Flux new music – new dance

Ravel & Saint-Saëns: Piano Trios
RES 10173

Resonus Classics

  Fidelio Trio Ravel & Saint-Saëns: Piano Trios

Composing the Island
A Century of Music in Ireland 1916-2016
2016 RTÉ Lyric FM


  Fidelio Trio Ravel Composing the Island RTÉ

Kevin Malone
American Terpsichore
with Cheryl Law viola

Divine Art Records

  Fidelio Trio American Terpsichore

New Music::New Ireland 1

The Mayfly
Stephen Gardner
Fidelio Trio

Contemporary Music Centre Ireland

  Fidelio Trio New Music Ireland 1

Michael Nyman
Complete Piano Trios 1992-2010
Fidelio Trio

MN Records

  Fidelio Trio Michael Nyman Piano Trios 1992-2010

Luke Bedford
Wonderful Two-Headed Nightingale

WWE 1CD 40404

Col Legno

  Fidelio Trio Wonderful Two-Headed Nightingale

Five Meditations
Philip Hammond
Requiem for the Lost Souls of The Titanic
St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast.

  Fidelio Trio Philip Hammond Requiem for Lost Souls of The Titanic Belfast

Airs, Waters
Piers Hellawell

Delphian Records

  Fidelio Trio Piers Hellawell Airs Waters

Rob Keeley
Chamber Music

Convivium Records

  Fidelio Trio Rob Keeley Chamber Music

My Broken Machines
Ed Bennett

NMC Recordings

  Fidelio Trio My Broken Machines

The Piano Tuner
Contemporary Piano Trios from Scotland

Delphian Records

  Fidelio Trio The Piano Tuner

Irish Piano Trios
Donnacha Dennehy, Ed Bennett,
Deirdre Gribbin, Kevin Volans.

NMC Recordings

  Fidelio Trio BULB Donnacha Dennehy

Chamber Music by Haflidi Hallgrímsson

Delphian Records

  Fidelio Trio Haflidi Hallgrimsson Metamorphoses

Joe Cutler

NMC Recordings

  Fidelio Trio Bartlebooth Joe Cutler

Contemporary Music from Ireland
Volume 8

NMC Recordings

  Fidelio Trio Contemporary Music from Ireland Volume 8

Tracing Lines
Robert Fokkens

MSV 28535

NMC Recordings

  Fidelio Trio Tracing Lines Robert Fokkens
 The Smith Quartet

Music for Piano and Strings – volume II
Morton Feldman

Matchless Recordings

  Morton Feldman Music for Piano and Strings vol 2

Music for string quartet & electronics
The Smith Quartet
Pedro Rebelo / Carlos Caires /
Miguel Azguime / Pedro Amaral

Miso Records

  Smith Quartet music for string quartet & electronics

Gerard McChrystal, Saxophoist

First Hand Records

  Smith Quartet Gerard McChrystal Aria

The Smith Quartet

Signum Classics

  Smith Quartet Dance

Ghost Stories
The Smith Quartet

Signum Classics

  Smith Quartet Ghost Stories

Philip Glass – Complete String Quartets
The Smith Quartet

Signum Classics

  Smith Quartet Philip Glass Complete String Quartets

Perfect State
The music of Ciarán Farrell

RTÉ lyric fm

  Smith Quartet Perfect State Ciaran Farrell

zoom in 6
New music from Lithuania

Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre

Smith Quartet zoom in 6

Contemporary Music from Ireland
Volume 7

Contemporary Music Centre Ireland

Contemporary Music from Ireland, Volume 7

Steve Reich
Sextet + Double Sextet

Mode Records

Darragh Morgan Sextet + Double Sextet Steve Reich Ekkozone

Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here Symphonic
(Leader and solo violin ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’)
London Orion Orchestra, Alice Cooper, Dave Fowler,
Stephen McElroy, Rick Wakeman.

Decca 478 9517


Dust Encapsulated #2
by Rune Glerup

Dacapo Records


by Icebreaker

Between the Lines


Invisible Cities
Music by Alwynne Pritchard

Métier Sound and Vision

Invisible Cities

Lost Lands
Michael Finnissy

Métier Sound and Vision

Lost Lands

Deane: Seachanges
Solo and Chamber Works

Black Box


In Lines of Dazzling Light
John Buckley

Black Box

In Lines of Dazzling Light

String Rhythmics
Music by Philip Sheppard
Mixed String Ensemble

Chappell CHAP 277

String Rhythmics

Minimalism 2
Paul Mottram

Cavendish Music

Minimalism 2

George Benjamin

Nimbus Records


Finn Peters

Accidental Records


Arc; Green
Toru Takemitsu

London Sinfonietta

Toru Takemitsu: Arc Green

Quotation of Dream
Toru Takemitsu

Deutsche Grammophon

Quotation of Dream

Higglety Pigglety POP! & Where the Wild Things Are
Oliver Knussen & Maurice Sendak

Polygram Records

Higglety Pigglety Pop! & Where the Wild Things Are

Take My Heart
Claire Martin

Linn Records

Take My Heart
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